Lună: octombrie 2012

iPad mini: „explosion of handheld joy”

The first iPad mini reviews hit the web.

Le place mult.

The most striking thing about the mini is in how thin and light it is. It is really thin and light. Crazy thin and crazy light, even.”

„Lining those pluses and minuses up against those for the Nexus 7 – which garnered four stars – there’s no doubt that this is indeed a five-star device. The 20% difference in comparative price is more than made up by the difference in build quality and software selection.”

Headwinds on Wednesday


Brian Gendreau, market strategist with Cetera Financial Group, said markets tend to rebound to their previous levels within five days after natural disasters.

„The U.S. is a very big economy, and while the magnitude of this storm could be in the billions it’s actually very small in relation to GDP,” he said.

Because Wednesday is also the end of the fiscal year for some mutual funds, there could be some volatility in markets as mutual funds sell underperformers by the end of trading on that day in order to avoid taxes on some of their portfolio gains.

U.S. stock markets to reopen on Wednesday after storm – Yahoo! News.


Breaking: Executive Shakeup at Apple; SVP of iOS software Scott Forstall to leave

“Apple® today announced executive management changes that will encourage even more collaboration between the Company’s world-class hardware, software and services teams. As part of these changes, Jony Ive, Bob Mansfield, Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will add more responsibilities to their roles. Apple also announced that Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple next year and will serve as an advisor to CEO Tim Cook in the interim.

“We are in one of the most prolific periods of innovation and new products in Apple’s history” – Tim Cook

Apple’s SVP of iOS software Scott Forstall to leave the company next year.

UPDATE: comentarii

O fi fost bun la soft Forstall, dar mie mi-a fost mereu antipatic. Cred ca devenise cam arogant si ma bucur ca, prin concedierea lui, Tim Cook dovedeste ca poate fi si mana forte daca trebuie.

Jony Ive si Bob Mansfield sunt veterani extraordinar de capabili, iar Federighi si Eddy Cue sunt specialisti excelenti. Noua organizare pare mai stransa si mai puternica, iar citatul din Tim Cook cu perioada prolifica de inovatie si noi produse suna minunat. Maine e inchisa bursa insa, asa ca pana miercuri se digera in mare masura stirea..

Windows 8 challenges – RoughlyDrafted Magazine

Dear Ed Bott: No, Windows 8 is not the new XP — RoughlyDrafted Magazine.

In first two quarters of this year, Apple sold over 50 million devices running OS X and iOS, each quarter. Ten years ago, it was selling fewer than one million Macs per quarter. So Apple is now consistently shipping more than 50 times (actually more like 67 times) as many devices as it was a decade ago. More profitably, to boot. What’s happened to global PC shipments in the last ten years? They went from 128 million in 2001 to nearly 353 million last year. That’s growth of 2.75 times (across the entire PC market, including Apple) compared to growth of over 50 (67) times, just at Apple.

Windows Phone is doing so badly that Nokia, Microsoft’s largest and staunchest mobile partner, actually sold more of its abandoned legacy Symbian devices (3.4 million) than its new Windows Phone Lumia phones (2.9 million) in the last quarter. Windows Phone is not just unpopular, it’s so toxic it lethally crippled what was not too long ago the world’s leading smartphone manufacturer.

There are tremendous problems facing the Surface. The first: it’s based on a lie. It’s called “Windows 8 RT,” but consumers associate “Windows” with two things: a familiar interface and the ability to run Windows apps. Surface RT supports neither.

Saying that the Surface is a combination of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 hardware savvy and its Windows Phone software savvy is like one of those jokes about a train engineered by Italians, serving English food, managed by Portugal and financed by Greece.