Facebook Inc (FB) To Hit $10 Billion In Revenue By 2015: Gene Munster

„Like”, „Want”, „Buy” – FB 38$?

The want button, which will allow users to directly pick out products that they are likely to buy. The move, according to the report, would boost advertiser spending on the social network, improving the quality of the advertising and the amount of advertisers seeking to use the platform.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), according to the analysis, could take a 25% share in that market by 2015. $10 billion in commerce related revenue by 2015 would correspond to the dreams of many Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) investors.

Facebook Inc (FB) To Hit $10 Billion In Revenue By 2015: Gene Munster.


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  1. Frate, nu vreau sa te dezumflu, am vazut ca zboara in ultimele zile FB, dar mi se pare foarte realista ultima fraza din articol:

    „Facebook has an interesting but tough year ahead. The company needs to substantially boost revenue in order to meet the expectations of the market. If it does not, it could face a quick and harsh backlash from investors and advertisers alike.”

    Vin earnings, si povestile astea de viitor sunt bune dar mai bune ar fi niste profituri substantial mai mari decat anul trecut, altfel actiunea cade iar.

    Sa vedem..

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