Freedom From OPEC

[…]United States is very close to not needing energy, particularly oil, from nations we do not consider particularly friendly.  We will still need oil from Canada and some other allies until we more fully commit to alternative energies, however, we won’t need much from anywhere else, as has been the case for almost 50 years now.  Already, of the oil we use, less than 10% is now from OPEC.

via Freedom From OPEC – Nationally Published Financial Advisor Kirk Spano.

Viitorul suna bine. Foarte interesant tot articolul.


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    1. Deja o schimba. Americanii s-au retras/sunt aproape retrasi din Iraq si Afghanistan, in Libia n-au intervenit direct ci doar ca suport pentru europeni, iar in Egipt si Siria au lasat lucrurile sa curga de la sine. Ce diferenta fata de acum 10-20 ani…

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