Apple: Is The Triggered „Death Cross” To Blame For The Fall?

Apple may well falter at some point in the future, but there’s little evidence yet that its glory days have ended. Until then, Apple stock will keep bobbing back up every time it falls, just like a beach ball submerged in a swimming pool.

Still, the extraordinary volatility that has plagued AAPL in recent months won’t subside until after the first of the year. By then many of the tax-related issues pressuring the stock will no longer exist.

For investors, the plan is simple: do nothing for now.

That’s right. Those who own Apple stock should hang on to it at this point, waiting out the storm. By the same token, investors should hold back on putting any new money into AAPL until January, when things will settle down.

Despite all the negative talk and some dire predictions for Apple stock falling below $500 or even $400, the stock should move significantly higher through 2013.

via Apple Inc.: Is The Triggered „Death Cross” To Blame For The Fall? (NASDAQ:AAPL, NYSEARCA:IYW) | ETF DAILY NEWS.


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