Jim Cramer’s Latest Comments About Apple

I think Apple’s going down pretty much every day for the simple reason that there are more sellers than buyers – sorry to be so simplistic – but the vast majority of people who own the stock have big capital gains, and those gains will definitely be taxed at a higher rate if there’s no fiscal cliff deal, and they’ll most likely be taxed at a higher rate anyway. So, does it matter how Apple’s quarter is, or if they have new products, or even if the company reports better-than-expected earnings? […] Logic is then stunningly simple. The selling should go on […] it should let up when they can’t get the tax break anymore […] In short, Washington is driving this, not Apple, which is an inexpensive stock – I think it’s fine to own.

via Did You Catch Jim Cramer’s Latest Comments About Apple Inc. (AAPL)?.

Exact ce cred si eu. Deci mai urmeaza volatilitate masiva in zilele urmatoare, dar de indata ce anul se termina, poate chiar un pic mai devreme, vine mama tuturor raliurilor. Go AAPL!


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