Lună: februarie 2013

Apple Has No Choice (AAPL)

At the rate at which Apple is collecting cash relative to the rate at which it’s giving back to shareholders, Apple simply has no choice but to increase its payout. What form this takes remains to be seen – be it an increased yield on the common shares, a large special one-time dividend, a new class of perpetual preferreds like what Einhorn proposes, an increased buyback authorization, or some sort of combination of all of the above.

Apple Has No Choice (AAPL).


Swiss watchmakers: Time is money | The Economist

The average Swiss watch costs $685. A Chinese one costs around $2 and tells the time just as well (see chart). So how on earth, a Martian might ask, can the Swiss watch industry survive? Yet it does. Exports of watches made in Switzerland have grown by 32% by value over the past two years, to SFr21.4 billion ($23.3 billion). Demand in the biggest markets (China, America and Singapore) dipped recently, but some of the slack was picked up by watch-loving Arabs and Europeans.

Swiss watchmakers: Time is money | The Economist.

Daca vine iWatch cred ca va lua un segment important din piata de mijloc (ceasuri elvetiene relativ ieftine) ceea ce va pune presiune masiva pe companii ca Swatch.

Ripe for disruption, soon ripe for shorting.

Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) Posts Q4 Loss of 65c/Share

  •   Achieved 20,000 annualized production rate
  •   Record new Model S reservations
  •   Model S unanimously named Motor Trend Car of the Year®
  •   Q4 revenue increases sequentially by 500% to $306 million
  •   Rapid growth of Model S sales and service network
  •   First profit now expected Q1 2013 versus prior guidance of late 2013 – UPDATE: Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) Posts Q4 Loss of 65c/Share.

Tesla incepe sa devina profitabila. E mica dar plina de tehnologie si face miscari interesante, aproape disruptive (ex statiile de incarcare gratis). Are inca multe challenges in fata, si tocmai a raportat pierderi mult mai mari decat se estimase, dar cred ca dupa trimestrul curent poate sa inceapa sa fie luata in serios de marii producatori de automobile.

Apple v. Samsung: Justice delayed is justice denied

FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller can hardly contain himself. He points out that patent litigation in the U.S. seems to work better for patent trolls than for actual innovators.

„The unwillingness of many U.S. courts to adjudicate patent infringement cases within reasonable periods of time is slowly but surely becoming a serious issue for the competitiveness of the innovative part of the U.S. economy,” he says. „It also leads an increasing number of patent holders to rest their hopes for swift resolution of patent cases on certain German courts.”

Apple v. Samsung: Justice delayed is justice denied – Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech.