AAPL Q1 Broken Down & Why Big Dividend Is Likely

In FY13 Ragan sees Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s gross margin settling into a more normal 38% range from an unsustainable 43.9% level in FY12. That will cause relatively flat EPS for the year (Ragan estimates $45.38 vs. $44.14 last year) and down EPS in the March quarter (fiscal Q2, he estimates $10.61 vs. $12.30 last year, which included the peak gross margin at 47.4%). However, he looks for EPS growth to resume in the June quarter (fiscal Q3) and for gross margins to stabilize in the mid-to high 30%s.


He believes that gross margins can range between 36%-39% going forward. As the adjustment is addressed this fiscal year, double digit EPS growth can resume.

via Apple Inc. (AAPL) Q1 Broken Down & Why Big Dividend Is Likely.

Asa zic si eu. De aceea, stau cuminte pana trece trimestrul curent si pretul actiunii incepe sa creasca, si investesc din nou in AAPL.


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