Apple’s cash give-back plans: What the analysts are saying

Given Apple’s history of announcing products and changes to capital allocation policy through Company specific events, we believe any change to capital allocation policy would likely occur in the March time frame after the annual shareholder meeting. AAPL last year announced their dividend and buyback on March 19th. … In our view, an increase to a 4%+ dividend could get the stock moving upwards in the near-term as the Company has ample cash to fund the dividend ($43B domestic cash). If the Company were to double the annual dividend to $21.20, this would imply a ~$20B distribution or 15% of total current cash balance. Notably, we expect AAPL will generate $45B of FCF in FY13 so the payout would imply ~44% of its FCF.

via Apple’s cash give-back plans: What the analysts are saying – Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech.

Primul rezultat: ultimul spread cumparat de mine (februarie 480/490), si pe care nu mai speram sa-l valorific in vreun fel, a recuperat toata pierderea si a trecut pe plus masiv (in clipa de fata e la +66%). Am pus un ordin de vanzare la +100%, day order. Daca se da, ma multumesc cu dublare (in doua saptamani), daca nu, mai am la dispozitie saptamana viitoare sa intru in the money si sa il dau. Go AAPL!


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