Apple accounts for 20% of all 2012 US consumer technology sales revenue

The only two categories in the top five to see year-over-year growth were tablets and smartphones, markets where Apple competes with the iPad and iPhone.

The one market among the top five where Apple does not have a presence is flat-panel television sets, though there have been indications for years that the company may be interested in entering that market. NPD said that in 2012, HDTVs were „mired in a cycle of declining prices and weak volume.”

While smartphone sales were up 25 percent and tablets surged 42 percent, flat-panel TVs saw sales decline by 7 percent. Notebook computers were also off 9 percent at U.S. retailers in 2012, while desktops slid 11 percent.

„The fact is that the stellar growth of the past few years has made growth today more difficult,” Baker said. „Most market segments have high penetration rates and the demand for additional devices is slowing, or declining. Tablets and smartphones have been able to stimulate demand for additional devices, but unfortunately it hasn’t been enough, yet, to sustain positive growth trends.”

via Apple accounts for 20% of all 2012 US consumer technology sales revenue.

Se pare ca piata TV-urilor are mare nevoie de o anumita companie cu nume de fruct :)


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