Swiss watchmakers: Time is money | The Economist

The average Swiss watch costs $685. A Chinese one costs around $2 and tells the time just as well (see chart). So how on earth, a Martian might ask, can the Swiss watch industry survive? Yet it does. Exports of watches made in Switzerland have grown by 32% by value over the past two years, to SFr21.4 billion ($23.3 billion). Demand in the biggest markets (China, America and Singapore) dipped recently, but some of the slack was picked up by watch-loving Arabs and Europeans.

Swiss watchmakers: Time is money | The Economist.

Daca vine iWatch cred ca va lua un segment important din piata de mijloc (ceasuri elvetiene relativ ieftine) ceea ce va pune presiune masiva pe companii ca Swatch.

Ripe for disruption, soon ripe for shorting.


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