BBC News – Samsung Galaxy S4: First impressions

@billm85 on Twitter: „Samsung galaxy #s4 – one word to describe it.. #yawn”

Start Quote

The group that should be most worried about the Galaxy S4? Google. ”


jrfoster01 on Reddit:„What a disappointing B Grade release. Didn’t even get an applause from the audience. Stick to features and professionalism, not gimmicks and crappy acting.”

@Dude_Im_Jason on Twitter: „Must say the samsung galaxy s4 looks pretty slick.”

SDM19 on Reddit: „It’s pretty sad that such a weak technological advancement warrants such a ridiculous ceremony… I’m ashamed to have watched it.”

@rayyamartino on Twitter: „The group that should be most worried about the Galaxy S4? Google. Samsung is slowly taking the platform away.”

@m109z on Twitter:„Thank you samsung for launching a galaxy S4 that does not make my S3 look redundant.

BBC News – Samsung Galaxy S4: First impressions.



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