Another weekend, another deal for Cyprus. Parliament bypassed

The deal would scrap the highly controversial idea of a tax on bank deposits, although it would still require forced losses for depositors and bondholders.

“We have a deal,” President Nicos Anastasiades was quoted as saying by Greek media. “It is in the interests of the Cypriot people and the European Union.”

The head of the finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem of the Netherlands, said the agreement could “be implemented without delay” without a new vote by the Cypriot Parliament, which had rejected a deal last week. Lawmakers on Friday passed legislation that set the framework for the new action, he said.

Cyprus and Europe Officials Agree on Outlines of a Bailout –

Cine crede ca lucrurile se opresc aici e naiv. Am auzit o suspiciune ca acest deal lasa o fereastra de timp pentru cativa insiders sa isi salveze banii. Sa vedem. Intre timp, nu mai putem scoate decat 100€ din bancomate.


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