Lună: aprilie 2013

Parliament in Cyprus passes international bailout deal

But George Perdikis, an MP for the Greens party, said before the vote: „A ‘yes’ from Cyprus’s parliament is by far the biggest defeat in our 8,000-year history.

„Its democratically elected representatives have a gun to their head to agree to a deal of enslavement.”

BBC News – Parliament in Cyprus passes international bailout deal.

It’s over. Cyprus is the new Greece. :(

$AAPL Goosed 3.1% on an Early iPhone 5S Rumor

It’s nonsense, or at least the alleged timing is nonsense. Apple CEO Tim Cook made a point last week of telling analysts that Apple will be delivering new products in the fall—i.e.not this summer—and there are no credible reports in Apple’s supply chain indicating that production of a new iPhone is ramping up.

$AAPL Goosed 3.1% on an Early iPhone 5S Rumor – The Mac Observer.

BS functioneaza in ambele sensuri, si se pare ca AAPL a cotit si acum orice stire e pozitiva (la fel ca anul trecut pana la jumatatea lui septembrie).

Final thoughts on Apple’s Q2 — Benedict Evans

In other words: 

  • Potential limits to iPhone growth are clear and could be quite close
  • Future growth of the iPad could be huge, but is much more speculative 

Meanwhile there isn’t going to be any new Apple hardware until the autumn (i.e. both the iPad and iPhone remain on an annual release cycle for now and the iPad moves to the Christmas buying period with the iPhone), and the sales cyclicality is intensifying so sales will dip down until then. That means that the next chance for a growth spike at Apple, and an answer to the ‘is it growing?’ question, won’t be until the December quarter revenues come out in January 2014. That’s going to be a long wait.

Final thoughts on Apple’s Q2 — Benedict Evans.


Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley | A nice piece of Glass

Likewise, Glass could be useful augmenting specific, heads-up-display-friendly tasks. Air traffic control. Helping police on a manhunt so they can keep up with the very latest from the Tweetstream. And for rich cunts who want to film their snowboarding escapades at five times the price and half the resolution of a GoPro.

Everyone else, just look down at your fucking phone.

Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley | A nice piece of Glass.

Vom avea cu totii HUD, dar nu prea curand.