Our view: Exiting the euro is a debate we must have – Cyprus Mail

 Even the offi­cial debt sus­tain­abil­i­ty analy­sis warned, “there is a non-negligible risk of a cycle of house­hold and cor­po­rate defaults prop­a­gat­ing through the econ­o­my, lead­ing to fur­ther bank­ing sec­tor loss­es, wors­en­ing of labour mar­ket con­di­tions, stronger than expect­ed fall in house prices and a pro­longed loss of busi­ness and con­sumer confidence.” It hap­pened in other euro­zone bailouts and Cyprus will be no dif­fer­ent, despite the Eurogroup’s con­fi­dence. This is why it is an imper­a­tive for the gov­ern­ment to be pre­pared, explor­ing all options. Per­haps the econ­o­my’s inter­ests would be bet­ter served if Cyprus exit­ed the euro­zone, default­ed on its debts and re-adopted the Cyprus pound. 

Our view: Exiting the euro is a debate we must have – Cyprus Mail.

Let’s do it Cyprus!

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