Game plan for a completely corrupted market – The Cody Word

Thinking it through to the end-game then, the question we’re answering seems to be, is the system and the stock market doomed? If the major markets are rigged, artificially being inflated and/or deflated, corrupted, and not regulated or policed in a fair manner, then doesn’t that mean we are doomed to become a banana republic? Knowing the U.S. has only 4% of the world’s population, what has been the key reason for our nation’s outsized wealth and power? I would argue that it was partly that we had the strongest rule of law and enforcement of all rights equally that gave the world confidence in our system and financed much of that wealth and power. If we no longer enforce laws equally or have faith in the fairness of our banking systems and the markets they support (or is now that the markets support the banks?), then why would people keep confidence in our system and markets?

And economic confidence is not a zero-sum game in which some other country that’s slightly less corrupt than our new system is going to get all that wealth that we are now leaving on the table. The systems and markets in China, Russia, Brazil, the EU, and Britain are no better than the new system and markets here in the US. Cuba, Japan, Mexico, Korea (North or South), Iceland aren’t exactly safe havens for your money now are they? You can bet on Canada or Australia or some other country if you want, but if the world loses faith in the other biggest sovereign systems and markets, I can’t imagine your money is safe anywhere across a border, no?

via Game plan for a completely corrupted market – The Cody Word – MarketWatch.

Suna dramatic, dar adevarat. Grija fratilor!

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