Tim Cook is a Great CEO


That is why Cook was so happy. While Jobs’ mission in life was personal computing, and Apple the by-product, Cook’s mission in life is Apple, and iOS 7 was the by-product of his commitment to ensuring that Apple endured.

The job of Apple’s CEO is, first and foremost, to understand what makes Apple, Apple. That is far more important than product sense, or operations excellence, or taste, or a million other attributes thrown around by pundits and analysts. On this criteria, it’s clear that Cook is the right man for the job. I would contend that anyone that says otherwise doesn’t understand revolutions, doesn’t understand culture, and doesn’t understand Apple.

The truth about the greatest commercial of all time – Think Different – is that the intended audience was Apple itself. Jobs took over a demoralized company on the precipice of bankruptcy, and reminded them that they were special, and, that Jobs was special. It was the beginning of a new chapter.

“Designed in California” should absolutely be seen in the same light. This is a commercial for Apple on the occasion of a new chapter; we just get to see it.

stratēchery by Ben Thompson | Tim Cook is a Great CEO.

Ati mai intalnit vreo companie despre care se scrie cu atata pasiune?


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    1. Putina istorie recenta: Tim Cook e CEO din ianuarie 2011, cand actiunea era 325, interimar pana in august 2011, la 355, si plin de atunci. Acum AAPL e 435, iar banii cei multi noi i-am facut pe cresterea din decembrie 2011 (de la 370) pana in aprilie 2012 (la 640) si pana in septembrie 2012 (la 700), tot timpul sub Tim Cook. Steve Jobs a murit in octombrie 2011, deci inainte de toate astea.

      Si ca sa iti raspund la intrebare, cred ca vom mai face bani multi cu Tim Cook, iar keynote-ul mi-a dat incredere in capacitatea companiei de a inova din nou, care e cheia cresterii viitoare. Acum trebuie doar sa avem rabdare, produse noi vin la toamna si mai ales la anu’. Patience is a virtue, in general si mai ales in investitii.

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