The New Mac Pro, a totally different beast that entices new software to be built


The new Mac Pro has two distinct GPUs. Each of which has “up to 6GB” of RAM which is sitting at the end of an “up to 40GB/s” PCI Express 3 bus. That’s some serious working space at the end of a very wide pipe, one that was, until a few years ago, what you’d have to direct RAM access.

This machine fascinates me not because it seems like it’ll make everything I currently do faster. It fascinates me because it’s fundamentally new. There’s only one CPU socket and it bets heavily on the bus and GPU performance. While this looks to software to be just another Mac, it isn’t. It’s capabilities aren’t traditional. The CPU is a front end to a couple of very capable massively parallel processors at the end of a relatively fast bus. One of those GPUs isn’t even hooked up to do graphics. I think that’s a serious tell. If you leverage your massively parallel GPU to run a computation that runs even one second and in that time you can’t update your screen, that’s a problem. Have one GPU dedicated to rendering and a second available for serious computation and you’ve got an architecture that’ll feel incredible to work with.

Not since the iPad have I really rethought what was possible. Sure, iOS 7 is incredibly interesting and shakes everything up. But I think this new Mac Pro is exactly that. Something new.

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Can’t innovate anymore, my ass :)

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