Microsoft selloff grows; biggest slide since 2000 – MarketWatch

The selloff on Microsoft MSFT -12.20% deepened Friday afternoon, with the stock down 12% to $31.20 – making for the biggest single-day percent decline since April of 2000, according to FactSet. The software giant continued to get hammered following its disappointing results for the fourth-fiscal quarter reported on Thursday afternoon. Several analysts have taken down their estimates following the results, with two brokers downgrading the stock to neutral ratings. „Yes, it’s that bad,” wrote Israel Hernandez of MKM Partners, who rates the stock as neutral with a $28 price target, noting that Microsoft „remains extremely vulnerable to the secular shift to tablets and smartphones” and has been late to respond with competitive products.

via Microsoft selloff grows; biggest slide since 2000 – MarketWatch.

Jackpot! In sfarsit Wall St se trezeste la realitate si vede ca imperiul Windows e disrupt de iPad… E distractiv cum _dupa_ earnings mult sub asteptari care genereaza caderea actiunii apar si domnii analisti care downgradeaza actiunea si seteaza un target mult mai jos.

La momentul curent MSFT e la $31.20, -12% azi, iar optiunile mele pe care incasasem $3.38 pe 30.05.2013 mai costa acum pentru rascumparare doar $1.85, adica sunt la +94%.


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