Apple’s quarter: What the analysts are saying

„The Apple story continues to be „What have you done for me lately?” After a whirlwind of new product introductions in the fall of 2012, Apple has been virtually silent on the product introduction front for nine months. That should change beginning in September/October with the launch of the next-generation iPhone and iPad. We do not anticipate products for new categories this year. However, it’s no secret that Apple is working on wearable devices and has progressively increased the content available on Apple TV. These initiatives suggest that Apple should once again begin to enter new product categories in 2014, although it is difficult to imagine that they will be the revenue producers that the iPhone and iPad have turned out to be. The ongoing risk in the Apple story continues to be whether the company can innovate at the same pace and with the same disruption that occurred during the Steve Jobs era. We are approaching a point when an answer might be forthcoming.”

Apple’s $35.3B June quarter: What the analysts are saying – Apple 2.0 -Fortune Tech.

From disruptor to disruptee :) – e momentul ca Apple sa arate iar cat de inovativ este. Go Jony, Go APPLE!


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