Who’s next?

All three major platform companies are now racing to offer that which completes them as an integrated producer and eliminates the dependencies on others as a modular producer.


But there is one company which seems left out of this discussion. Samsung is absorbing a large part of the available profits in computing today and it’s not an integrated hardware/software/services player. Does this mean that there is room to be a module in an interdependent world?

I argue that no, there isn’t. Samsung must either stretch into becoming one of the ecosystem contenders or be relegated to a commodity hardware company–a path clearly visible when looking at Chinese entrants. Samsung itself benefited from disrupting from below and should be aware of the threat it faces as it races up-market. More importantly though there is the ability of creating new markets altogether. This new market creation and rapid iteration due to integration is what the Google/Microsoft/Apple trio are seeking.

Who’s next? | asymco.

Will Samsung fork Android?

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