The perfect storm

So our current situation sees fundamental and technical factors coming together to create The Perfect Storm. If everything goes well, that is, Syria hands over its weapons, the Fed does „taper light” and Congress and the White House can come to a quick conclusion on the debt ceiling debate, it will be a solid green light for the stock market.

On the other end of the spectrum, military action in Syria, an adverse reaction to withdrawal of easy money by the Fed or a standoff between the House and the White House over the debt ceiling lead to potentially rough waters and big waves ahead for global financial markets.

Anywhere in between generates large primary and secondary swells on an already turbulent sea.

Within the next two to four weeks, the contours and impact of the perfect storm will become more defined and will likely set the stage for a significant market move in one direction or other. Will you be ready? Wall Street Sector Selector is in „yellow flag” status, expecting choppy conditions ahead.

via The perfect storm – MarketWatch.

Time to add some longer out-of-the-money ^VIX calls. De pilda Call 15 ^VIX noiembrie, am pus un ordin de cumparare cu limita 2.20.

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