PayPal „ocoleste” Visa si MasterCard

“For users with registered addresses in Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia: PayPal will start to use Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) direct debit mandates by February 2014. SEPA is an initiative of the European Commission and European banking sector, aimed at making transactions more efficient within the European Union. Whenever you register a bank account with PayPal after that implementation or pay with a new bank account for the first time, you will be granting PayPal a SEPA Direct Debit mandate. You will be able to access such mandate and the mandate reference number (MRN) in your PayPal Account profile at any time and cancel the mandate for future transactions.

Whenever you make an electronic transfer from your bank account to PayPal via SEPA direct debit after that, you authorise PayPal to use such mandate and draw the amount from your bank account as explained above in this section 3.7 and you authorise your bank to arrange for payment to PayPal. You may claim a refund from your bank at any time up to 8 weeks after the date on which the SEPA direct debit payment took place in accordance with your bank’s terms and conditions.

via PayPal Policy Updates.


PayPal incepe sa traga banii direct din conturi si din Europa (prin SEPA Direct Debit) asa cum face prin ACH in USA. Asta face transferurile mult mai ieftine pentru ca Visa/Mastercard nu isi mai iau comisioanele grase, fara nici un efect advers, mai ales in Europa unde predomina cardurile de debit.

Cum se cheama asta? Disruption. Cum speculam? Shorting V.


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