The bear case for TSLA

The 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder, a hybrid, is the world’s fastest production car.

Porsche’s 918 Spyder shines – MarketWatch.

The e-tron turns out to be the best-balanced, sweetest-handling A3 in the range, which makes for a pretty satisfying steer.

Audi’s A3 e-tron is a fascinating car that has the potential to be very cheap to run, especially given its ultra-low, tax-dodging emissions. It also offers entertainingly strong performance and well-balanced handling to go with it.

The combination of a powerful and torquey five-cylinder diesel motor and a sizeable battery and electric motor make the Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid a rather impressive wagon. It’s very fast, impressively economical, can attain significantly higher speeds and ranges under electric power than the Plug-In Prius. It’s also pretty practical and loaded to the gunwales with kit. If you are looking for a performance estate or just the most practical electric car on the market, it has to be worth a test drive.

With the new S500 Plug-In Hybrid, the number of hybrid S-Class variants now grows to three. Mercedes also offers its S400 Hybrid and overseas buyers can also opt for a diesel-electric S300 BlueTEC Hybrid.

The 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive should inject some luxury and refinement in the small electric vehicle class.

[…] Tesla better watch its back. Although the new cars don’t compete with it head to head, there have got to be some people who would consider the Model S only because their only alternative is an expensive economy car like the Leaf or Focus. The new luxury cars could fit their needs.

And Tesla has one big technological disadvantage. Cadillac and BMW are pushing forward driver assist technologies, such as adaptive cruise control and systems that will help you park your car. The BMW will drive itself during a traffic jam on the highway, controlling speed and steering to keep the car in its lane. Tesla says it’s considering adding these sorts of things later, and focusing on the EV tech for now.


Oare Tesla este amenintata? Producatorii „clasici” de masini de lux intra si ei acum pe segmentul Teslei (care nu vinde masini economice, cel putin deocamdata, ci personal statements catre cei care isi pot permite), unde se vor situa deasupra (mai multa incredere, mai mult confort, mai multa tehnologie gen adaptive cruise control si automatic parking). Mai jos decat Tesla vine o noua generatie de hybrids de la producatori consacrati, care devin tot mai bune.

Dupa raliul incredibil pe care l-am ratat ca n-am fost indrazneti, acum Tesla la $165 e „priced to perfection” (worth around $850,000 for each of the 21,000 cars it will produce in 2013!) si orice problema, cat de mica, de executie sau orice rateu pe piata/concurenta care sa capete tractiune pot atrage prabusirea spre nivele mai rezonabile (spre $100, poate si sub).

Shortam? Ar fi curajos in momentul asta, dar destul de logic si cu potential de reward excelent.


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