iPhone price and positioning

So the 5C is the new iPhone, and it’s  $100 cheaper, while if you want the supercool new tech you pay more for the 5S.

What does this mean for sales? In the USA, Apple has effectively halved the price of a new iPhone, from $200 to $100. It already has 40-45% of contract smartphone sales – this move will take another big bite out of US Android sales.

It’s worth thinking about what that would do to the Android ecosystem. Apple already has a systemically disproportionate share of the kinds of users who download apps. If, in the USA, where so many developers are concentrated, it went to well over 50% share, that could have a big impact, not so much in support from large companies but from all the cool new startups that do much to drive a platform forward. 

Elsewhere, $550 for the 5C is still expensive, especially for the 50% of Europe and 90% of China that’s on prepay. Android averages $250 to $300, in contrast, and Xiaomi’s new flagship phone is $330. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of reach for the other 50% of Europe, or for the 2-300m people in China who buy expensive consumer goods.

iPhone price and positioning — Benedict Evans.

Deci stress-urile legate de razboiul platformelor se amana, pentru ca piata US conteaza disproportionat de mult


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