Apple At $800: Flight Delay Or Cancellation?

So if Apple has not taken a bite out of itself, there has been no new disruptive technology, and competition is still unable to overcome the 9 hurdles, then what happened to the Apple flight? It is delayed. However, it is not delayed because the plane is not fully serviced, refueled and ready to take off. It is delayed because the passengers are taking their time in boarding the plane.

The flight analogy gives good insight into human psychology. When we rush to an airport to catch a flight, we immediately check the electronic board to confirm the status, then we check in and get to the gate in time with almost total confidence that the flight will be on time. However, once we learn there is a delay, we act almost in total disbelief and disgust. Once boarding starts, as long as other passengers have not boarded yet, we are tempted to stay seated, as it is more comfortable to sit in the lounge than to sit in the cramped plane seat. Once passengers start boarding, and when we feel we may miss the plane if we don’t move, reality hits us that the flight will take off after all, and we then rush in a hurry to get on board.

Now is boarding time for Apple shares’ delayed flight.

Apple Inc. (AAPL): Apple At $800: Flight Delay Or Cancellation? – Seeking Alpha.


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