Obama to nominate Yellen for Fed chair

Economists portray Yellen as a continuation of Bernanke’s aggressive easing stance developed in reaction to the financial crisis.

Many on Wall Street see Yellen as a “dove’ as she is a Democrat and supported asset purchases, otherwise known as QE, said Robert Brusca, chief economist at FAO Economics.

In general terms, a dove on the Fed is an official not strictly focused on fighting inflation.

“Anyone I know who has ever worked with or for Janet Yellen has nothing but the highest respect for her,” said Peter Ireland, an economics professor at Boston College.

“She was one of the only policy makers to warn about instability in the financial system in the years leading up to the financial crisis,” he said.

Obama to nominate Yellen for Fed chair – The Fed – MarketWatch.

Asta e bine pentru Wall St si pentru aur/mineri. Si in general pentru economia mondiala.


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