3 things that will drive the market now that a U.S. default is off the table

Keith Wade, chief economist at London-based asset manager Schroders, boiled it down in a Thursday morning note:

From a market perspective the main impact is that the Fed will need longer to assess the state of the economy. Economic data has been delayed, distorted and depressed by the shutdown and it will not be until early next year that we can get a clear picture of the fourth quarter. The risk of another political stand off will also weigh on Federal Reserve deliberations. As a result we would not expect tapering to begin until March next year with the possibility it will be delayed until June to accompany a press conference from new chair Janet Yellen.

3 things that will drive the market now that a U.S. default is off the table – The Tell – MarketWatch.

Cel mai important lucru, de departe, e QE, care are motive in plus sa mearga inainte. Deci, petrecere frumoasa :)


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