Shorting ZNGA, the social gaming fiasco

Investors in the games company will be hoping that today’s numbers represent the bottom for the firm. Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) revenue is only expected to decline by a small margin between the third and fourth quarters, a sign that the company may have hit its revenue bottom. The firm’s share price is trading far above its bottom, however.

At $3.54 per share Zynga Inc (NASDAQ:ZNGA) stock is more expensive than it was for most of the period when the company was considering entering the gambling market. The company is valued at $2.85 billion at that price, a big number for a company that hasn’t made a decent profit since 2011.

Zynga is in big trouble despite what the 50% gains in the company’s shares this year seem to indicate. The company is not able to make a profit and social gaming is dying. The company has given up on gambling, and there seems only one market, and one man, that can save Zynga. 

Zynga Inc (ZNGA) Earnings Preview: Strategy Game.

Eu sunt sigur ca ZNGA va continua sa cada, fiindca FarmVille s-a terminat, de cazinouri online nu le mai arde nici lor, iar angajatii sunt niste puturosi si/sau incapabili.

Tocmai am pus urmatoarele ordine de shortare:

  • BUY ZNGA Jan. 2014 PUT 3 limit $0.16
  • BUY ZNGA 25.10.2013 PUT 3.5 limit $0.14

Sper sa se ia, daca nu o sa mai umblu la pret.

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