Carpathian Gold (T.CPN) up 25% on Brazilian permit news

„While the unfortunate delay in the start-up of the operation may have affected the outlook for the company and led to a cash shortfall situation, it is nonetheless a pleasure to report that with the receipt of the APO the RDM gold project can now commence gold production and be Brazil’s next gold producer”, said Dino Titaro, Chairman and CEO. „With the wet commissioning of the mill and process plant, the project is now ready to receive and process ore from the mine, with the expectation of its first gold pour within two weeks.”

Carpathian Gold (T.CPN) up 25% on Brazilian permit news-V.PEH-T.CPN-Stockhouse news.

Era si cazul. Eu am o pozitie minuscula in CPN luata la 0.16 si am tinut-o nemiscata cu speranta ca isi va reveni. Tot sunt 50% in rosu, dar daca in cateva saptamani incepe sa curga aurul sunt convins ca trec pe plus masiv. Chiar sunt tentat sa mai adaug


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