Social networks: Unfriending mum and dad | The Economist

But there is no mass defection under way. Instead, teenagers are using different social networks for different things, says Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Centre’s Internet and American Life project. They post less intimate stuff to Facebook and more risqué material to networks not yet gatecrashed by their parents. Mr Miller’s research has also highlighted this habit.

The danger for Facebook is that one of these newer places starts to attract parents. That is why the firm swallowed Instagram in 2012 and recently tried to snap up Snapchat. The teenagers on Facebook may not be rebelling, but keep an eye on them.

Social networks: Unfriending mum and dad | The Economist.

In final toate imperiile se prabusesc si sunt inlocuite cu alte lucruri mai mici. Imperiul Facebook, cu 1.2 miliarde de locuitori in 2013, e ros de la radacina de alte retele sociale si daca nu le cumpara asa cum a facut cu Instagram va ajunge sa piarda din relevanta in fata unora mai inovative. Cand se va intampla asta insa, asta e intrebarea.


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