The case for an iPhone phablet

Anecdotally, I’ve met a number of people who either have, or considered, switching over to an Android-powered phone based on nothing more than the screen size. Firsthand accounts of such Android converts consistently mention the larger screen as a key advantage.

But that advantage vanishes once Apple joins its competitors in offering larger handsets. Buyers of Samsung’s expensive handsets could be enticed to switch to Apple, knowing that they won’t have to sacrifice their larger screen in the process. Given the popularity of Samsung’s flagships – the company shipped 40 million Galaxy S4s in the first six months and 10 million Galaxy Note IIIs in the first two months – Apple has a large opportunity.

Apple’s gross margin should increase

At the same time, the iPhone’s average selling price should be expected to increase. An unlocked version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note III retails for roughly $900 at Best Buy, making it 20% more expensive than an iPhone 5s with the same amount of internal storage.

Apple could charge a similar premium for its larger iPhone – in the process, leading to a higher average selling price. Unfortunately for Apple shareholders, the iPhone’s average selling price has been falling in recent quarters as buyers have snapped up less expensive, older models. Apple’s overall gross margin has declined in tandem.

via Apple, Inc. Is About to Do Something Brilliant (AAPL, GOOG, SSNLF).

Suna bine. Cred ca suntem la punctul in care un ecran mai mare ar fi o schimbare semnificativa, care i-ar atrage pe posesorii de telefoane din seria 5 sa faca upgrade. Eu unul as face. Mi se pare cu cateva nivele mai folositor iPad mini decat iPhone cand le am pe amandoua la indemana – probabil ca un phablet in mijloc ar acoperi bine 80% din nevoile de iPad mini. Si mai ales acum, cand vanzarile de iPad s-au cam plafonat, cred ca nici costul de canibalizare nu mai e atat de mare cum ar fi fost atunci cand curba de-abia incepea.

Dar asta nu inseamna ca nu astept si un produs complet nou anul asta, fie el iWatch, iTV, iPay, iUnicorn etc. Hai baieti!


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    1. Era o gluma. Sunt unii care așteaptă de la Apple la fiecare anunț sa inventeze ceva tot mai special, atât de special ca numai un unicorn i-ar putea satisface. Un iUnicorn :)

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