Shorting ETFC = betting against the bubble

E-Trade is a highly cyclical business that lives and dies by broad Wall Street trends. Times were great in 2013 as traders returned to the markets, so E-Trade tacked on over 125% last year as a result and its fourth-quarter earnings once again put on a good show , thanks to optimistic investors.

But if you’re a reader of MarketWatch, then I don’t have to tell you how sentiment has soured in the last several weeks and how it has hung over investor activity.

via 5 momentum stocks to watch out for – Jeff Reeves’s Strength in Numbers – MarketWatch.

ETFC e numai bun de shortat, pe termen mediu, cand piata o ia serios in jos, pentru ca va reactiona cu o oarecare intarziere (pana retail traderii se sperie si inceteaza sa mai faca tranzactii trec cateva saptamani bune, daca nu luni, si asta se reflecta in earnings-urile E-Trade cu intarziere).

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