This is crazy: Google surpassed Apple in enterprise value

Apple (AAPL) is the world’s richest and most powerful technology company. Unfortunately, while the company does command the highest market capitalization in all of tech, it is not the most valuable company on an enterprise value basis. That honor, believe it or not, goes to Wall Street darling, Google (GOOG).


You heard it right, folks. Apple’s market capitalization as of the time of writing sits pretty at $480 billion, while Google’s sits at $400 billion. However, Google has about $58 billion in net cash on the books (suggesting that the business is valued at $342 billion). Apple, on the other hand, has about $141 billion in net cash, implying an enterprise value of $339 billion!

Now, it’s clear that Google is a higher growth name (and Wall Street is enamored with the company in general), but as far as free-cash-flow is concerned, there is absolutely no contest as to who the real „boss” is:


Apple Inc. (AAPL) news: Apple: This Is Ridiculous [Google Inc] – Seeking Alpha.



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