Tesla Motors higher on Apple enthusiasm

  • Shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) shoot back over $200 in premarket trading after aweekend report on a secret meeting last year between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and M&A execs with Apple fires up enthusiasm again.
  • Details are thin on if the conversation focused on a collaboration or a buyout scenario, but either way imaginations are running wild.
  • TSLA +4.2% premarket to $206.60.

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) news: Tesla Motors higher on Apple enthusiasm – Seeking Alpha.

Iata emailul meu din 2011 pentru Steve:


Great fan here – thanks for your entire contribution to our digital lives!
I was wondering why don’t you guys buy Tesla (TSLA is now worth less than 2.5bn) and give us the iCar that we dream about. They are currently building the most advanced EV in the world (their Roadster, offering 3.7s to 60mph and 210 miles/charge) and on their way to start the mass production of their premium saloon „Model S” in 2012, with impressive performances (5.6s to 60mph, 300 miles/charge, 45 min quick charge…).
Of course you can’t reply to this, one way or another, but please give it a thought (if you didn’t do it already), done properly the iCar can be Apple’s next great thing. And if you do it, don’t forget to send me one with your signature engraved on it :)
Intre timp, TSLA s-a scumpit de zece ori pentru ca si-a indeplinit planul. Dar, ca orice investitie, e la fel de interesanta si asa scumpa, fiindca a confirmat valoarea.
Dream on…

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