The Gift of American Power – Stratfor

The 1914 scenario that many proclaim for both Europe and East Asia would become much more than journalistic hype absent American military preponderance. The spread of democracy that many celebrate would be impossible to imagine without the American military’s global footprint since, if you project your power, your values will often follow behind you.

It is true that the early 21st century is different from the 20th and 19th centuries. It is different not so much because of a change in human nature, or because of postmodern technology, or because of the disappearance of geopolitics. To the contrary, it is different because the United States, with all of its limitations and all of its mistakes, remains geopolitically dominant.

Great powers are rarely appreciated in their own time, for the benevolent order they spread goes unacknowledged by those who benefit most from what they provide. Global civilization – and the system of legal norms that arises from it – survives to a significant extent because the American military remains robust and widely deployed. And that, in turn, is not a situation that is necessarily permanent, or one that can ever be taken for granted.

via The Gift of American Power – Robert D. Kaplan’s Global Affairs.

Excelent articolul, o lectie de cat de mult echilibru primim cu totii, fara sa realizam, de la americanii pe care uneori ii criticam. Bunicii nostri care ii asteptau dupa razboi sa ii elibereze de rusi n-au fost atat de norocosi cum suntem noi azi. Traim momente bune, bucurati-va de ele.

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