What to Expect From Apple at Next Week’s WWDC

But why would Apple get into the health space in the first place? For starters, it’s a booming business. In 2013, a study by Kantar Media found that 25 percent of smartphone owners and 22 percent tablet owners use their devices to track their health, diet, or exercise that’s 55.7 million U.S. adults, up from 43.9 million the year prior, according to their numbers. Roughly 20 percent of Americans diet and 50 percent work out regularly. More and more of these people are using smartphones and apps to augment their fitness success. According to app analytics firm Mixpanel, health and fitness apps also do a better job of retaining users than the average app, and see more regular use. It would behoove Apple to foster this growing space—and perhaps get a piece of the fitness pie itself.

via What to Expect From Apple at Next Week’s WWDC | Gadget Lab | WIRED.

Don’t get your hopes high for a significant hardware announcement on Monday. This is, after all, the developers’ conference. We have to wait for the autumn for significant hardware news.

So I guess on Monday evening the high-flying price of AAPL may take a beating of 2-3%. We’ll see.

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