Cake, I ate ya, and I still have half of ya

Forget The Obvious Resistance, Apple AAPL Is Set To Soar – | Explore Investing.

So two weeks ago I bought some AAPL Sept. 5 bull call spreads 103/104 @ 0.19, when Apple passed through the previous high resistance, betting on the „buy the rumor” phase of the Sept 9 show and the momentum from investors who wanted back into AAPL now that it’s got no more technical resistance.

AAPL performed nicely, but being still out of the money with a week to go yesterday I place an order to sell half the spreads for twice the price (0.38) so now I have my money back and I still own half of the spreads for free.

I still expect AAPL to finish next week around 104 or so, so I should get a nice profit from them. But just in case Ukraine or some other market event turn things sour, I have my capital fully protected.


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