History made at the Apple Live Event: iPhone 6/6 Plus, Apple Pay, Apple Watch

Amazing bigger iPhones! Apple bumps up the average price, while appealing to more people, especially in emerging markets (and cannibalizing a little iPad mini sales, but who cares?). So, more margin+more sales. Available in 10 days, but not immediately in China, so the 9M record of last year’s opening weekend is going to be tough to beat. But will spread to 130 countries by year end. My only concern is whether to get the 6 or the 6 Plus…

Incredible opportunity with the new Apple Pay, that will launch in October at 220’000 locations in the US, and will expand globally. Compatible with the new NFC „contactless” POSes that have popped out everywhere lately, and requires an iPhone 6/6 Plus or an Apple Watch. Works with all major cards and only requires a touch of the TouchID to pay. Also works perfectly online – so it will enable and quickly take a dominant role in mobile commerce. And, make no mistake: Apple does not enter a business unless it can make a significant margin there. Apple Pay will add significant profits to Apple in the future. And I really don’t know why anyone would still pay by plastic once Apple Pay is available.

As for the Apple Watch… Tim Cook said it simply: this is the future of Apple. I believe the Apple Watch is as much a revolution as the previous ones: taking the computer from big mainframes to the PC in every home, from ugly command line interface to the GUI driven by the mouse, from the desktop ugly boxes to notebooks with touchpads, from there into the phone/tablet with multitouch and now from there into the watch with the incredible new interface driven by the digital crown, touch and Siri.

This is how you make history. Bravo Apple!

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