The iPhone Is A Miracle

No one believes it can really happen. The business model for Apple is literally unbelievable.While just about every other smartphone maker fails to make a profit, Apple is minting money. Cash flow from operations was $13.3 billion last quarter, a new record for the September quarter.Apple is making all that money because it sells a product that is twice as expensive as those of its rivals. Though its hard for an unbiased, rational person to argue that its twice as good.Apple has a tiny sliver of the smartphone market. As such pundits predict that one day developers will bail on iOS, thus leaving it starved for applications. Without applications it will be a second-class citizen, and consumers will bail. And yet, thats not happening. The opposite is happening — developers are still building iOS applications ahead of Android applications, despite Androids overwhelming advantage in market share.Its hard to rationalize how Apple does it. Theres no other company doing what Apple does. The iPhone is bigger and better than ever. Market share doesnt matter. Price doesnt matter. People want iPhones because they look good, they work well, and software is excellent. It really is miraculous. Theres no other company like Apple.

via The iPhone Is A Miracle – Business Insider.

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