25 years since the Wall fell, Germany’s best days are behind it

Germany faces a series of daunting problems. Its population is about to shrink sharply, threatening its prosperity. Its export-driven economic model look increasingly dated, based on huge trade surpluses, and driving down real wages. Education is poor, there is little investment, and no signs that it can compete in new technologies the way it did in industries such as automobile and chemicals.

Worse, it is threatened by a belligerent Russia on one side, and a resentful, impoverished, resentful eurozone periphery on the other, which is likely to increasingly blame Germany for its economic troubles.

The European Union, the linchpin of its security and foreign policy, is under huge pressure as a result of the eurozone crisis, which the German elite has terribly mismanaged. The chances are that the next quarter of a century will not be nearly as good for Germany as the last 25 years were.

via 25 years since the Wall fell, Germany’s best days are behind it – MarketWatch.


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    1. :))
      Nu e vorba ca Germania merge prost, ci dimpotriva: autorul articolului sustine ca ultimii 25 de ani au fost extraordinar de buni, ca Germania e acum la un varf istoric si ca exista o lista de cauze obiective pentru care urmatorii 25 nu vor mai fi la fel de spectaculosi.

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