Apple Flash Crash: What You Need to Know (AAPL)

The main thing you need to know about the Apple flash crash is that it had nothing to do with the big-picture case for owning Apple stock. Apple is still an enormously powerful brand with high-quality products that people want to buy. That will keep its revenue and EPS marching higher over time.

via Apple Inc. Flash Crash: What You Need to Know (AAPL).

My 2 cents: the march straight up from mid-October’s low around 96 has many investors nervous with too much profit on their hands – hence the quick selling pressure. The stock will probably pause here/move with the market for a while.

Which is good, especially if you want to accumulate more AAPL for the next leg up in 2015/16 as the results of this wonderful iPhone quarter will become available, as the first Apple Pay numbers will trickle down and especially as the expectations will rise for the Apple Watch introduction.


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