Apple „Spring Forward” Event Notes

Apple held today an event in San Francisco, that is available for replay here:


– 700 millions iPhones sold to date;

– HBO Now available on Apple TV, for $14.99/month;

– Apple TV costs now $69 (instead of $99) and Tim Cook repeated twice that this is just the beginning for the TV – I expect a new Apple TV product in the next 6-12 months;

– Apple ResearchKit will run on iPhone and allow medical data to be collected and shared with the research community, with privacy controls for the owner, enabling breakthroughs because of the huge volume of data;

– the new MacBook is an amazing 12-inch fanless laptop that weighs just 900 grams, has 9-10h battery life and is incredibly thin but features a beautiful retina display, 8 GB RAM and a 256 or 512 GB SSD – perfect for light work, watching movies and a lot of play, though the processor might be a bit underpowered for hard work, just like the first Air generation. It also features an amazing new keyboard and a new „Force Touch” touchpad with taptic feedback, and it comes in Gold, Space Gray and Silver. Check it out, it really is amazing and will sell like crazy, especially to students and young people, starting at $1299. Also other laptops were updated.

Apple Watch was demoed again, and full details were presented. Available in 9 countries on April 24 (pre-orders from April 10), Apple Watch is available in three collections, Apple Watch Sport in aluminum with an ion anodized display at $349-$399; Apple Watch with sapphire display and white or space gray stainless steel at $549-$1,099; and Apple Watch Edition, crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-karat gold alloys with sapphire display at between $10,000-$17,000. It is gorgeous and I think it will prove to be a huge success.

The stock went up 2.5% during the keynote, down after the finish (damn, no unicorns, again…) and now it’s growing a bit again. I expect a lot of positive reactions from the analysts and the press in the next few days so the stock should grow a little, and then depending on the market it will probably move up a little more with the anticipation in the next month and a half until the watch will start selling.

In any case, these guys know what they are doing, they are at the top of their game, designing incredible product after incredible product, they are selling them as fast as they can make’em, they clearly have another interesting product in the pipeline in the TV space (as per Tim Cook comments and the „clearance” price tag put on the current Apple TV) so I couldn’t be more happy to be a little invested in them. I think three-five years from now their watch will be ubiquitous, the Apple Pay will be a huge part of the payments market, iPhone will still gather the vast majority of the smartphone market’s profits, same with the Mac, and that leaves only iPad to be refreshed dramatically to restart growth – which I hope they will do sometimes soon. Plus, we still wait for the Apple Car and the Unicorn.

At least one of them should be here by 2020. Or else.

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