Defying Germany, Greek minister says ready to sign WW2 reparation order

Defying Germany, Greek minister says ready to sign WW2 reparation order | Cyprus Mail.

Wake up Germans. You can’t continue to enjoy more and more prosperity (DAX keeps on making record highs as lower Euro is great for exporters) and full employment forever by enslaving the periphery into debts they are clearly not able to pay even after following all your wrong austerity prescriptions. They fight back when they have nothing more to lose.

Remember that when you had too much to pay in the 30s you elected Hitler and destroyed the continent. And after WWII when you desperately needed a break to develop, in the 50s and again in 1990 when East Germany needed development, you received the largest two debt forgivings in the history of mankind. Not to mention the Marshall plan. And the Americans were not in a formal union with you as Greece is now.

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