Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad? — Fraser Speirs

So what are you really getting with a MacBook Pro? Yes, you’re getting more performance, but not that much more for the money. On Geekbench tests, the 2015 13″ MacBook Pro clocks in at 3209 in Single-core and 6741 on Multi-core. The iPad Pro measures up with 3225 in Single-core and 5475 in Multi-core. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth all these trade-offs in size, weight, flexibility and input methods just to gain a small performance advantage.

Source: Can the MacBook Pro Replace Your iPad? — Fraser Speirs

Incredible how the iPad Pro has become the better computer on so many levels, in just five years. Self-disruption at its best.

Aaaand… this is how I decided what I want from Santa this year.

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