Pray, The Sequel — 500ish Words

Of course, Apple is still making dimes. Hundreds of billions of them each quarter, in fact. More than any other company on this planet, perhaps aside from Saudi Aramco. Or these days, maybe even more than Saudi Aramco.¹

The real issue, of course, is that Apple is no longer growing. But all the bluster and freaking out today ignores the very real and very obvious fact that this was always inevitable. It’s not only hard to grow forever, it’s impossible. And while that may sound like hyperbole, when you’re at the scale at which Apple currently operates, it’s not.

In the segments of the markets where Apple is focused, they’re running out of people to sell to. And the slowing of Moore’s Law is making yearly upgrades less of a sure thing. “Good enough” is becoming the new norm.

Source: Pray, The Sequel — 500ish Words


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