Lună: iunie 2016

Pariu pe Brexit

Exista o sansa (probabil intre 30-50%) ca UK sa voteze pentru Brexit. Intr-un astfel de caz aurul, care merge de cateva luni in paralel cu sansele de Brexit, ar putea sari pana peste 1400$. Asa ca am pariat o suma relativ mica pe call-uri GDX $28 de 15 iulie (am platit $0.98).

Hai cu destramarea UE!


Austerity policies do more harm than good, IMF study concludes 

[…] in practice, “episodes of fiscal consolidation have been followed, on average, by drops rather than by expansions in output. On average, a consolidation of 1% of GDP increases the long-term unemployment rate by 0.6 percentage points.”


They concluded that the increase in inequality threatened to be self-defeating. “The increase in inequality engendered by financial openness and austerity might itself undercut growth, the very thing that the neoliberal agenda is intent on boosting. There is now strong evidence that inequality can significantly lower both the level and the durability of growth.”

Source: Austerity policies do more harm than good, IMF study concludes | Business | The Guardian