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Fools and children have hijacked the bitcoin conversation. What happens next? After the kids get bored the big companies will storm in and take control, turning bitcoin into a defanged mode of money transfer. PayPal would be happy to be your BTC provider of record while Chase would love to grab some of the potential transfer fees while happily taking advantage the frictionless payment process. Amazon would love to offer you a secret wallet full of money that you budget for Amazon wares. Anyone with any sense sees that this is the direction bitcoin is headed.

Fools And Their Bitcoin | TechCrunch.


Apple Yanks World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet From App Store

Apple Yanks World’s Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet From App Store | Wired Enterprise |

Perfect! Asta e o non-stire care a miscat nitel piata, cat sa intru si eu cu o mica transa (vandusem toti bitcoinii la sfarsitul anului trecut) la $795 cu tot cu comision. Go Bitcoin!

UPDATE: am mai luat inca o jumatate de transa :) la $727. Intre timp bitcoin a mai cazut, din cauza problemelor tehnice („transaction malleability”) semnalate de MtGox, care au decis sa intrerupa retragerile de bitcoin pana cand protocolul va fi modificat cu propunerea lor de securizare. E doar ceva temporar, daca nu ati intrat poate ca e un bun moment sa o faceti acum (in jur de $650).