How to get long shares of Apple at no cost–but there’s a catch

With this risk-reversal option strategy you end up either buying AAPL at $80 if it trades under $80 in October, or at $100 if it trades over $100 in October, and you pay nothing upfront for it.

It’s a bet that iPhone 7 has a few tricks up its sleeve and the AAPL share price climbs back over $100.

Source: How to get long shares of Apple at no cost–but there’s a catch

Analyst on Apple: Sell Now – WSJ

Analyst on Apple: Sell Now – WSJ.

This, plus the CelebGate scandal which was not well handled by Apple’s PR, plus the ugly stupid Galaxy Note Edge that Samsung launched today, all put pressure on AAPL.

I just bought Sep 19 102 calls and Jan 105 calls, I intend to sell them after Tuesday’s announcement, hopefully for a nice profit. Fibonacci support is at 97.21. Go AAPL!


The next big AAPL investment

Apple Inc. options by expiration – Google Finance.

I am tempted once again to invest seriously in AAPL leaps. So I found the following for January 2016:

– AAPL Call 100: $12.90 – great way to bet that Tim Cook and team will blow everybody’s minds off with their „best pipeline of products in the last 25 years” on Sept. 9 – and establish a new lucrative market

– Bull Call Spread 100/120: $6.75 – better way to bet on a moderate growth, with a break even at 106.75 in 16 months.

Also I would like to play a little amount on Oct out of the money calls just in case the pop is immediate after the announcement. But this is very risky, lotto style.

What do you think?

Cake, I ate ya, and I still have half of ya

Forget The Obvious Resistance, Apple AAPL Is Set To Soar – NASDAQ.com | Explore Investing.

So two weeks ago I bought some AAPL Sept. 5 bull call spreads 103/104 @ 0.19, when Apple passed through the previous high resistance, betting on the „buy the rumor” phase of the Sept 9 show and the momentum from investors who wanted back into AAPL now that it’s got no more technical resistance.

AAPL performed nicely, but being still out of the money with a week to go yesterday I place an order to sell half the spreads for twice the price (0.38) so now I have my money back and I still own half of the spreads for free.

I still expect AAPL to finish next week around 104 or so, so I should get a nice profit from them. But just in case Ukraine or some other market event turn things sour, I have my capital fully protected.

Fearful, when others are greedy

AAPL 620. Around here there is some technical resistance, so I just sold calls AAPL 650 Jan. 2015 @ 29.80 to match the calls AAPL 500 Jan. 2015 that I have in my portfolio – to take some profits off the table and bring the cost of the spread down to $59.2, for a potential maximum profit (if AAPL>650 in January) of $90.8 or 153%.

So now I have two AAPL Jan 2015 spreads:

Bull Call Spread 450/600, cost $27.22, current price $120, target $150 (+451%) if AAPL>600 in Jan
Bull Call Spread 500/650, cost $59.20, current price $95, target $150 (+153%) if AAPL>650 in Jan.