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Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2015 in One Handy List

Everything Apple Announced at WWDC 2015 in One Handy List.

No hardware products, but a lot of software improvements that are in beta now and will come to Macs, iPhones, iPads and Watches in the fall. Plus, Apple Pay for the Brits and the new Apple Music with Beats1 Radio coming for $9.99 (or $14.99 for families of up to 6) per month at the end of June.

I can’t wait to use them all, but I’m most excited about iPad’s multitasking features that will push people to upgrade their iPads, the Watch OS 2 which will unleash the full potential of 3rd party apps making it the only wearable platform worth coding for, and the new Apple Music service that, in a rather surprising move, will also come to Android phones in the fall.

And speaking of Android, Apple made a pair of apps called „Switch to iOS” that makes it easier than ever to move all your contents from an old Android phone to an iPhone. The last resistance to the great switch has fallen.

During the keynote yesterday I bought a second tranche of AAPL 2017 120 Calls, and I also own a rather conservative AAPL bull call spread 110-115 for January 2016. I am very bullish on Apple that is in a strong upgrade cycle and stealing market share from competitors, and Apple Pay and Watch are reinforcing their dominance and adding increasingly to bottom and top line. Go AAPL!

Investors, the global economy is in the perfection zone – MarketWatch

Investors, the global economy is in the perfection zone – MarketWatch.

I bought yesterday some AAPL February 120 calls and some CURE January 135 calls which are already up significantly. CURE is a leveraged medical/pharma/biotech large-cap ETF that is 3x leveraged (BIB is only 2x leveraged) so it offers even better exposure to growth.

I think it’s time to load up for the ride of 2015.

Scaling out of AAPL LEAPs with good profits

I just sold 80% of my AAPL 2016 100 calls, for which I placed the buy order 45 days ago at $11, at an average price of $18.80, for a +71% profit.

The rise in Apple, fueled by amazing demand for the amazing new iPhones, has been as close as possible to a perfect line up since the slump in mid-October. I guess it has to stop at some point, as valuation has become more rational and as expectations will be harder to meet. Also the iPad, the second business of Apple, will suffer in the next period. And the watch is still about 6 months away.

I keep the remainder 20% of the calls and intend to add in any pullback shorter-term calls (February or April 2015) that I will sell in January. Go AAPL!

Short orders placed

After yesterday’s study I decided to place the following short orders:

ETFC: BUY PUT APR. 2015 20 @ LIMIT 1.40

EBAY: BUY PUT APR. 2015 45 @ LIMIT 1.25


NFLX: BUY PUT JUL. 2015 355 @ LIMIT 30.80

BBRY:  BUY PUT MAR. 2015 9 @ LIMIT 0.66

TSLA and LNKD were also on my short list but they have upcoming earnings so I will wait for those to pass.

I need the market to grow a bit more for those orders to get executed, and then turn and dive. I intend to collect profits on them in tranches after each 5% fall in the market.

I also placed an order to sell my remaining (pretty big) position in BIB (the biotech leveraged ETF) with a limit of 114.80.

Analyst on Apple: Sell Now – WSJ

Analyst on Apple: Sell Now – WSJ.

This, plus the CelebGate scandal which was not well handled by Apple’s PR, plus the ugly stupid Galaxy Note Edge that Samsung launched today, all put pressure on AAPL.

I just bought Sep 19 102 calls and Jan 105 calls, I intend to sell them after Tuesday’s announcement, hopefully for a nice profit. Fibonacci support is at 97.21. Go AAPL!